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About Dubstarts

+1500 attendees, 30 hiring startups and a jazz band

Find a job that matters. Over 30 of Ireland's fastest growing tech companies will be hiring at our next event. Talk to them about their companies, their vision and the positions that they're hiring for. Meet Ireland's top startup companies over three hours, a few pints and a jazz band.

Start conversations

There is no more rewarding place to work than at a good startup. We bring you to the pub with the entrepreneurs behind some great companies and invite you get to know them, and the companies they're trying to build in Dublin

On the day, try to find:

  • a team with a mission you believe in
  • a culture that fits your personality
  • an opportunity that fits your current skills
  • a new job in a company that grows to be the next Intercom, Logentries or Swrve

Get a Job

Over 150 people have found jobs through Dubstarts events. We invite you to:

  • apply for jobs listed on our website in November
  • follow Dubstarts on Twitter and Facebook for job updates
  • meet the companies in person at Dubstarts, give them your resume, talk with them about their vision and how you can fit into it!