Dublin's Technology Jobs Fair

Find a job in a design, development or business role at one of Ireland's fastest growing companies.

The Powerscourt Centre, 5.30pm-9pm, Tuesday, March 25th.

What type of jobs are on offer?

  • Programming, sales, design, marketing and more.
  • Everything from senior roles right through to internships.
  • Opportunities with companies that are from 2-3 person startups, to more established businesses with €20m+ in funding.

Dubstarts is partnered with

"A jobs fair with a difference" - The Irish Times.

Find a job that matters. On March 25th, we'll have over 30 of Ireland's fastest growing tech companies in The Powerscourt Centre. Talk to them about their companies, their vision and the positions that they're hiring for. Meet Ireland's top startup companies over three hours, a few pints and a jazz band.

Meet some companies hiring at Dubstarts

Dubstarts is partnered with:


Website: http://sonru.com

Sonru is a global leader and multi-award winning automated online video interviewing solution for screening candidates. Companies like Volvo, Schroders, GSK, Nestlé, Paddy Power, EA and CERN are all using Sonru to innovate their talent acquisition processes.



Website: http://bragbet.com

BragBet is a brand new social betting concept that allows groups of friends to place bets together as a team.



Website: http://skillpages.com

SkillPages is a social platform for finding skilled people, getting your skills found and collaborating.



Website: http://newswhip.com

NewsWhip uses social media to find the most engaging stories in the world - in real time and in hundreds of categories and regions.



Website: http://riffstation.com

Riffstation is Guitar Hero for Real! Get the chords for any song synced with the original audio. Slow down riffs, change the key of a song, isolate solos and lots more. It's the ultimate jam and practice tool.



Website: http://oraleye.com

OralEye is reinventing dental care. We believe that your mouth should be as healthy as your body and current systems don't make that easy. We supply our platform to dentists allowing their patients to submit high quality photos taken using our iPhone app for remote assessment and consultations before coming into the dental office. We use blur detection, a proprietary templating system and some other interesting tweaks to ensure the best quality of service for patients and dentists alike.


Gotcha Ninjas

Website: http://gotchaninjas.com

Gotcha Ninjas is a cloud based social learning and rewards platform to encourage positive behaviour, motivate students & engage with parents. Gotcha Ninjas make it easy for teachers in the classroom by utilising the elements of gamification to reward positive behaviour. The platform gives instant feedback to children, real time notifications to parents throughout the day, data analysis capabilities for schools, allowing more time for teachers to simply teach.


Fluid UI

Website: http://fluid.com

App builder with over 100,000 users in 189 countries.



Website: http://datahug.com

Datahug is an award winning, fast growing company with press coverage of Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch and the Guardian. Founded in Dublin in 2009, Datahug has now raised over $5M in seed and Series A funding and has offices in Dublin, and New York. Datahug is regularly featured by international tech journalists and has secured a stellar list of big four, FTSE and NASDAQ listed companies as customers.



Website: http://cityhook.com

The CityHook app finds the best airport transfer options for routes across Europe. The app will locate you on arrival and find the best options to nearby destinations.



Website: http://clouddock.com

CloudDock is a file synchronization platform that makes cloud storage compatible between any provider. The application sits on top of a users cloud storage service, enabling the user to collaborate with people on a different service to them.



Website: http://dedsert.com

Dedsert is a start-up company with an exciting new approach to online betting and gaming. We are based in Sandyford and are continuing our expansion into 2014. We are all about taking the really good things from online gambling, making them better and getting rid of all of the things that people find annoying. We've set out to provide you with an experience that we, as sports enthusiasts and people who like to bet, is simply better than the rest. The only things we can't change are the results!



Website: http://faballthings.com

FabAllThings is an interactive design brand. We make new & customisable products using new technologies like 3D printing. We allow anyone to participate in the creative process by submitting ideas, voting, and customising products to themselves via our online platform.



Website: http://pharmapod.ie

Pharmapod has developed an innovative cloud-based software that drives standards of patient safety across the pharmacy profession worldwide. It enables pharmacists to record vital information on the risks and effects associated with medication and to share this data across boarders on an international level. Pharmapod has been described in the medical press as a “pioneering resource for the healthcare system” and is currently preparing for international roll out. It continues to garner recognition in the global business community, including the top award for Tech Entrepreneurs at the European Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 and the Global Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards.



Website: http://pluckit.io

We solves the problem of the on going bookmarking mess, by providing the easiest way to save, find and share your web research



Website: http://shotclip.com

Transforming the home movie making market, ShotClip makes anyone with a smarthphone a skilled movie maker.



Website: http://socialarcade.com

Social Arcade is an online, drag & drop template service for launching multi platform, branded Apps, Quizzes and Games – aimed at Creative Agencies and SME’s as a tool for competition and engagement.



Website: http://evercam.io

Evercam do for cameras what Android did for phones - we make the programmable and unleash a world of opportunity for developers.



Website: http://likecharity.com

Mobile payments & marketing & advertising for global charity brands.



Website: http://popdeem.com

Popdeem is a social marketing platform for offline merchants that provides social insight and increases location based sharing on social networks.


Eagle Alpha

Website: http://eaglealpha.com

Eagle Alpha hunts for insights about the stock market and macro economics on the web. We continuously scan the entire web using innovative technology to track, monitor and filter data so our research analysts can distill, analyse and edit information in order to enable our clients investment strategy.



Website: http://www.adme.at

Help clubs & societies manage, grow and track their memberships, events & payments.



Website: http://connector360.com

Digital, Social & Mobile Marketing Agency



Website: http://gobramble.com

Location-based plant exploration application.



Website: http://Learnupon.com

LearnUpon is a new, exciting cloud based software company. Our goal is to become the leading learning management system in the world. We now have over 120 customers in 10 countries.


Restored Hearing

Website: http://restoredhearing.com

Retail a sound therapy for tinnitus via our website restoredhearing.com. Also about to start manufacturing hearing protection.


Yellow Schedule

Website: http://yellowschedule.com

YellowSchedule is a fast growing online scheduling and appointment booking service.



Website: http://Fanfootage.com

FanFootage is a unique new technology platform for concert video crowdsourcing & transforming these personal memories into broadcast-quality live content.



Website: http://likewhere.com

LikeWhere shows you where to go in new cities, based on what you like in cities you already know.



Website: http://groupleader.com

GroupLeader.com is a new Irish travel technology company based in the Docklands area of Dublin. The company's mission is to make organising group travel really easy! We have developed a revolutionary new platform which delivers a one-stop-shop for group travel organisers around the world to book the best hotels, ground transport providers, tour guides and much more.



Website: http://www.artdigiland.com

Digital Publishing and Broadcasting for Arts.



Website: http://www.Wooq.me

Events Management System.



Artomatix is developing the next generation of art tools, which automates digital media creation.Founded in 2014, we have investment for growth over the next year.The technology stems from 8 years of academic research by Dr. Eric Risser, a pioneer in the field of machine learning in combination with the computer graphics domain. Early customer feedback from the Video Games and Movie industries has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve already had a world-leading artist from Disney endorse our technology.



Website: http://www.buzzoo.fm

Buzzoo is a music solution for any business that plays background music such as bars, gyms and retail. Unlike existing solutions, Buzzoo enables everyone at the premises to influence the music playlist by using their smart phones as a remote control for the music. It’s like moving a jukebox onto the smart-phone so that the crowd becomes the DJ. Buzzoo uses the latest technology such as music streaming, smart phones, mobile web apps, social media, geo-location and the cloud. Our vision is for music played in public to automatically adapt to the tastes of the people that are there to hear it, with your favourite music automatically playing as soon as you enter a venue. Buzzoo is based in the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) in the Digital Hub and was short-listed in the ‘Best Irish Start-up’ category for the Europas, Europe’s most prestigious technology start-up awards.



Website: http://www.journ.ie

We want to help our users engage in meaningful conversations, and build great reputations online. Identifying the developing conversations from the noise and present them simply to the brand owners' attention at an early stage, in real-time as the conversation develops, allowing them to take action anywhere & anytime.